ROX Systems offers robust middle office solutions.  Some of the services available are order/report recording, ticket processing, reconciling (balancing), customer confirmations, and uploads to various third parties.

ROX FIX Drop Copy: Receive or report trade flow via a FIX. The connection can be established via VPN tunnel, cross connect, or private line.

ROX Message Router:  The ROX Message Router is a middleware application that manages messaging between all ROX applications. The core of the messaging system, the Message Router can process up to 100,000 messages a second.

ROX Database Application: The ROX Database Application converts trading information (from the ROX Message Router) into data that can be efficiently stored in database tables.  This allows RSI to automate and optimize use of financial transaction data.  Multiple instances are run in parallel to insure processing speed.

ROX Real-time Ticketing (RTT):  As are trades processed, every message is stored in a database. Tickets are generated in real-time and may be reported back to the customer immediately, in batches throughout the day, or at end of day.

Orders: Orders are requests sent by customers to order routes, including exchanges, ECNs, market makers, etc.

Reports: After an order is received by a route, if it is marketable, it is “filled” and a report is sent back to the customer.

Customer Data: The only customer data required by RSI is an Account Acronym; there is no requirement to disclose customer information. The customer will have full control of the information provided, and data is securely stored in the RSI database and only used to compute commission and generate confirms.

Allocations: Allocation messages are used for post-trade processing. When multiples trades are executed in a security, there may be a need to allocate the trades among various customers. The allocation feature in ROX generates allocations messages to the back-office, and these messages are used to generate tickets and confirms to send to customers.

Tickets: Tickets can be generated once the orders, reports and allocations are known,  Tickets form the basis for confirming and settling the trade.


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